Our Practitioners » Margaret Sanford, LMT

Mmargaret-2argaret is a graduate of The Massage School in Boston. She uses Swedish and elements of Shiatsu, myofascial release and trigger point therapy to deliver a deliberate, relaxing therapeutic massage. She is also certified to provide cupping.

Margaret enjoys providing quality massage to all body types. She believes that your body is your home. And like any home, no matter how quirky or fabulous, it needs some care and maintenance.  So many of us spend so much time waging a mental war with our bodies. It’s too fat, it’s too thin, it should be something else than what we see in the mirror and feel in our clothes. Margaret strives to give each client a safe, deep, relaxing massage that enables your mind to release the constant negative noise in so many of our heads and feel how truly remarkable your body actually is.

Margaret tailors each massage to what will best serve you and your body at that particular time, whether it is stress management, relief from pain and tension, restoring range of motion, preventing or reducing a headache, boosting your immune system, or a combination of any of these.

When she is not massaging you’ll find Margaret being a mom to two school-aged kids, riding her horse, running (slowly) in the Fells, or taking a yoga class.