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“Polarity is the living science of balancing the energy fields of the body, and the healing art of revitalizing the life force.” – from The Polarity Workbook by Nancy Risley.


Polarity is a modality of healing formulated by Dr. Randolf Stone, a dedicated chiropractor and student of all healing arts both ancient and new. The work includes the use of gentle body manipulation, and holding pressure points, or “poles”, to relieve blockages in the subtler fields of energy in the physical body. “Energy precedes form” being one of the basic principles, Dr. Stone believed that it is possible to align the energy fields of the body and that health and homeostasis lies there-in. When we are in a state of wholeness, we are better able to make thoughtful decisions that fully support and express our truth. I believe that this is the true intention of Polarity, enabling one to live in a state of honoring the self.