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Reflexology is a gentle, relaxing and safe bodywork modality suitable for most populations, regardless of age or where one may fall on the wellness spectrum. It is based upon the premise that there are specific areas on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to glands, organs and body systems. Through the application of very specific thumb and finger techniques on these areas, nerve impulses are sent through the neural pathways thereby engaging the peripheral nervous system which induces a state of deep relaxation with acute awareness, much like twilight sleep. (The Relaxation Response, as coined by Dr. H. Benson) It is through this state that the body strives for homeostasis wherein our own body’s intelligence creates the space for healing.

Our Reflexologist, Shannon Brisson, does Foot Reflexology. Her approach is fluid, rhythmic and gentle, following a process protocol which addresses each body system. Her work is enhanced by her training as a massage therapist.